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BYS General Body Meeting - December 12th, 2023
Location: Brunswick High School - Blue Devil Room

Time: 7:00pm
Chris Gaglione, Frank Bertoli, Wendy Bertoli, Bob Cebula,  Pam Hulvalchick, Pat McCartin, Jason Perry, Jessica Perry, Jim Molnar, Dom DePompei, Scott Szacaks, Adam Murphy, John Sero,  and Jon Weaver

*Gavin Hulvalchick, Bill Luckay, *DJ Van WInkle, *Jak Thorkelson, *Josh Jeffi

JIm Segert, Coach Boys 15-18 (A's)

Meeting Called to Order: 7:00pm - Chris Gaglione 

Meeting Notes:

  • Financial Report:
    • Treasurers report: ended Nov. with a balance of $74,308.03.
  • Commissioners Report
    • Dom Depompei would like us to consider the motion to allow children to “play up”.  This discussion was tabled until more information from neighboring communities concerning how this is handled can be addressed.
    • Jake Thorkelson:  Victoria Boyer, head coach of BYS 10U girls, has withdrawn from the position.  Jake is currently reaching out to parents to try and find a replacement.
    • Umpire in chief: several applications have been received.
    • Umpire in chief: several applications have been received.
  • Old Business
    • There was no old business to discuss
  • New Business
      • Concessions:  Voted Jessica Perry in as manager.
      • Jim Molnar discussed having a BYS fundraiser using Rick Smith.  Rick charges $1,000 for fundraisers and allows us to set the admission price.  Board asked that Jim put together a plan for review.
Meeting Adjourned: - Chris Gaglione

The next BYS General Body Meeting is scheduled for:

Thursday February 9, 2023 7:00pm
Brunswick High School - Blue Devil Room 

We are still looking to fill the following board positions:

9/10 Boys League Commissioner
Field Manager

Please contact any board member is your are interested.

Thank you to all that attended,

BYS Board of Directors 
P.O. Box 181
Brunswick , Ohio
United States 44212