Each Season, Brunswick Youth Sports relies on its greatest assets, our parents to be coaches.  This is especially critical for our younger leagues. BYS NEEDS YOU as a Head Coach or one of the assistants!!

Through the link below, you will find the Brunswick Youth Spots Coaching Application and a Concussion Safety Training link.

The State of Ohio passed a Concussion Bill that went into effect April 26, 2013.  This Bill requires all coaches of youth and scholastic sports to take a free on-line course on how to recognize a concussion.  BYS encourages all parents to take this course.  However, it is only mandatory for Head Coaches and Assistant Coaches. Additional instruction to navigate the Concussion Training can be found on our website.

BYS Coaching Application


Concussion Safety Training

BYS is no longer requiring coaches to complete a Youth Protection Training Course or Sign A COVID Waiver for the application to be considered complete.

Each of the coaching candidates will go through a background check completed Brunswick PD before the applications can be reviewed by the BYS board for approval.  Applications without a clear background will not be approved and the coaching candidate will be notified by a BYS Board Member.  If you would like additional information on the background check process, please email bys@brunswickyouthsports.org.

Please keep in mind, that only BYS approved coaches with a completed background check are permitted on the field.  Unfortunately, if you do not complete this coaching application process you cannot be on the field. 

Coach applications are due by March 2, 2023.  


All Head Coaches will be required to attend our Annual Coaches Meeting prior to our drafts on March 18, 2023 at the Brunswick Rec Center.  This is a mandatory meeting for all coaches, including Tee Ball as all coaches will received the boxes of candy, players agreed to sell this season.  Handing out the fundraiser candy at the Head Coaches Meeting is a MAJOR CHANGE from the past, so please make sure proper arrangements are made to be in attendance. 

We look forward to you becoming a coach for our kids this season and ideally would like to have all perspective Coach’s applications received by March 2, 2023 as to avoid drafting teams without a Head Coach

Concussion Class

 The State of Ohio passed a new Concussion Bill that goes into effect April 26th 2013.  It requires all coaches of youth and scholastic sports to take a free on-line course on how to recognize a concussion.  BYS is encouraging all parents to take this 20 – 30 minute course.  However, it is only mandatory for coaches and assistant coaches.

Concussion certificates are good for 3 years

Concussion Bill (Ohio HB 143)

National Federation of State High School Associations Concussion in Sports – What you Need to Know: http://www.nfhslearn.com/electiveDetail.aspx?courseID=38000

(This free on-line course is available through the NFHS. You will need to click the “order here” button and complete a brief registration form to take the course.) Follow these steps to complete the course:

1.   Click on the button that says, please login to order.  In the window that appears, click Register Now.

2.   When your registration is complete you may “order” the free concussion course offered along the left hand side of the page.  Continue following prompts. 
      Although it may look like you’ll be charged for the course, there is no cost.

3.   Once you’ve completed “checkout,” you’ll be able to take the free online course.

4.   When you’ve completed and passed the course, you have the option of printing a certificate of completion.

5.   Once you have completed the course, please print and attach copy of the certificate to your Coaching application.

Lindsay’s Law: Sudden Cardiac Arrest in Youth Athletes


What is Sudden Cardiac Arrest?

A Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) occurs when the heart suddenly and unexpectedly stops beating, cutting off blood flow to the brain and other vital organs.  Sudden cardiac arrest is fatal if not treated immediately, most often by a defibrillator.

Who is Lindsay?

Senate Bill 252 is named for national heart health advocate and former Miss Ohio Lindsay Davis who suffers from a heart condition and has since dedicated her career to raising awareness of this potentially fatal condition.

"Sudden cardiac arrest is the number one killer of student athletes," said Davis. "At any moment I could have died because coaches and teachers had no idea this was even a possibility for someone who looked as healthy as I did at that age."

Lindsay’s Law, Ohio Revised Code 3313.53103707.58 and 3707.59 went into effect in 2017.


In accordance with this law, the Ohio Department of Health, the Ohio Department of Education, the Ohio High School Athletic Association, the Ohio Chapter of the American College of Cardiology and other stakeholders jointly developed guidelines and other relevant materials to inform and educate students and youth athletes participating in or desiring to participate in an athletic activity, their parents, and their coaches about the nature and warning signs of sudden cardiac arrest.