Umpire Application

The past few years have been very tough for all sports organizations nationwide when it comes to getting officials or umpires to officiate events. According to the National Federation of State High School Association, there has been a loss of about 50,000 referees and umpires nationwide since the 2018-2019 season. BYS has had many games that needed to be rescheduled the past few years or in some situations where our Field Crew or Board members had to step in to officiate. This isn't an ideal situation, so the BYS board set out to figure out a way to fix this issue within our organization, and we believe we have a great  plan to take steps forward in eliminating this issue.


We are happy to announce our plans to form our own Umpire Association within our organization to cover both softball and baseball. With having our own Umpire Association, BYS will be able to control our umpires schedule and hopefully reduce the number of games being cancelled to hopefully zero. We know there will be many questions regarding this Umpire Association, so below are a few FAQs.


Why does BYS want to create their own Umpire Association?


- We want to create our own association to help eliminate cancelled games.


Who can be become an Umpire?


- Anyone above the age of 13 can apply to be an umpire. This is a great opportunity for middle school/high school kids as well as parents/grandparents.


I dont have experience, will there be training provided?


- Absolutely! BYS will provide in house training for all applicants selected. Training will be done prior to the season with dates TBD. 


Can I umpire baseball and softball games?


- Yes. Our goal is to train as many umpires in each sport. Umpires may be needed in baseball or softball.


Will I be paid to be an umpire? If so, how much?


- Yes, our umpires will be paid. At the moment, our pay scale hasn't been approved for the 2023 season. 


What leagues will be available to umpire?


- Depending on the number of applicants, applicants could umpire 7/8, 9/10, and 11/12 age groups. Our initial goal of our umpires is to cover our two younger age groups (7/8 and 9/10), but if the bandwidth is there, 11/12 age group as well. 


I'm interested in becoming an umpire, what are the next steps?


- Fill out an Umpire application and email it to our Umpire-in-Chief or mail it to P.O Box 181, Brunswick, OH 44212


Who do I contact for any questions or more information?


- Contact our Umpire-in-Chief, DJ Van Winkle at dvanwinkle713@gmail.com